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We decided to introduce for you a wider variety of filling options for our boxes, and now we present new, fabric-based series, which is a replacement for moss and cones. The product consists of two elements, the first one is a jute lining binded with decorative ribbon (also jute). The jute insert is sewed to fit the interior of the box. After placing 4×6 (10x15cm) photos on it the decorative ribbon is perfectly visible and emphasized. The second element is a pillow with jute padding, which allows you to put a USB in it. Thus, the USB is immobilized and does not knock against the walls of the box during transport / moving. The product fits perfectly with our wooden USB, together they create a great rustic set.

All our products are handmade, therefore there may be slight differences between individual items.

This is our original series, in which you can also find photo wrappers (in 10x15cm and 15x23cm sizes) and a pouch.

Wooden photo for 10×15 photos with wooden USB, jute filling


Shipping time: 1-7 days
Shipping DPD, DHL Express
38,00  with tax

The box is made of pine tree, and can hold up to 150 pieces of 10x15cm prints. It is sold with true forest filling and flavor. Flash drive are Kingston series

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