Personalization is one of the goals that we have set ourselves as a priority in our store.

Therefore, with most of the products that can be ordered from us, there is an option to choose from a dozen or so colours!

Before placing an order, it is worth familiarizing yourself with the entire range of colours, there are many options to choose from. If you want to be sure about the real colour, we recommend ordering the sample.

When colouring our boxes, we use ecological water-based stains that do not have a negative impact on the environment. They are also not harmful to you and will not stain the prints that are inside.

In our store, you can find two colour palettes.

The standard palette consists of colours derived from nature. You will find warm browns in it, but also bright white.

These colours have been with us from the beginning of the store and we will certainly never run out of them. They are closest to the natural colours of wood and match perfectly with laser engraving.

Six shades can be distinguished in the palette:

BROWN – this is definitely your favourite shade! It is a warm shade that looks great with both dark and light engraving. The natural grain of the wood comes out beautifully from under this stain.

VINTAGE – this is our original method of wood aging. Thanks to the abrasions of the wood, the box gains a unique character. It looks similar to the ancient chest in which photographs have been kept for generations. With this colour, a graphic engraving will be perfect.

PINE – This is the brightest colour in our palette (except for white), which resembles the colour of natural wood. It is a delicate shade with the possibility of only dark engraving.

CHESTNUT – is a colour close to the shade of orange. Warm colour reminiscent of autumn sunsets. Only available with dark engraving.

GRAY – the darkest colour in our standard colour palette. Contrary to the rest, it is only available with a light engraving in the colour of natural wood. A colour that stands out from the others, dark but different from deep black.

WHITE – whitewashed boxes are the most delicate products in our store. Thanks to the white colour, they gain great lightness. This colour is available only with an engraving in the colour of natural wood, the so-called bright engraving. An interesting fact is that boxes in this shade are completed with birch USB.

Colours taken from nature, vivid, saturated and deep. We also use ecological water-based stains to paint these boxes. The colours are very vibrant, but under the layers of the stain you can see the natural grain of the wood.

Each product * is engraved with an accurate laser method right after painting, which helps to keep the natural colour of the wood.

*Only on the yellow box the engraving is dark, which in combination with the yellow shade makes it legible and distinct

YELLOW – is the most energizing colour in our palette. It is vivid and warm, with a hint of honey. It is the only one available with dark engraving only.

PINK – saturated pink will be perfect as a packaging for the photo sessions of newborn, children and family. It’s far from powdery pink, but that’s why it exudes so much joy.

GREEN – our and your favourite. A shade of now trendy bottle green. Very natural and botanical. It is perfectly combined with forest filling and twig USB.

RED – a fiery colour, a symbol of love. Saturated red with bright engraving. In this colour you can see how well the natural wood grain matches the water-based stain.

BLUE – deep as the unknown waters of the oceans 😉. Intense navy blue with light engraving. It creates a beautiful set with our navy blue soft wrapper.

VIOLET – berry. Deep colour combined with bright engraving. Choose it with a forest filling of moss and cones, and you will feel as if you are holding a forest in your hands.