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Wooden USB Flash Drive with engraving

We present a wooden flash drive with engraving, which is characterized by exceptional aesthetics and large capacity. Thanks to them, you can store data of sentimental value, such as photos from a wedding or family vacation, as well as video recordings and important documents. Flash drive used for wedding photos enclosed in a natural branch is a unique medium that can be treated as a real treasure.

Wooden USB Flash Drive in different styles

The decorative USB flash drives in various versions are entirely hand-made from a piece of real wood. Inside, you can find a data medium of the trusted SanDisk brand, well-known for their convenient and durable USB flash drives and SD cards for various devices. A USB flash drive resembling a plank or miniature trunk – the choice depends on its purpose. Promotional flash drives for companies will be best presented in the form of an even block, while a wedding flash drive can be more ornate and rest among family souvenirs, waiting for the moment when the household members want to see the photos.

Different USB Flash Drive capacities

By default, we offer a wooden USB flash drive with engraving of a capacity of 16 GB, which is sufficient for the needs of individuals – it can easily contain important family photos and videos. For storing a very large number of photos taken throughout many years, we recommend a 32GB flash drive, and for special tasks, a 128GB flash drive, which is very difficult to fill out entirely. An USB flash drive for wedding photos with a standard capacity is certainly enough, however, if there will be an additional wedding video, it is better to choose a flash drive with a larger capacity.