Wooden flash drive to choose from: twig or flat

When placing an order on our website, you can choose which USB stick you’d like to order – a classic twig or flat USB.

A flash drive made of branches is definitely a bestseller! I love this solution, which makes us very happy. We often choose branches from the so-called history, where bark beetles carved their tunnels.

The flat USB stick is a reference to minimalism. It is a branch with cut sides, so on its edges you can still find the texture of the branch.

Why choose a wooden flash drive?

You can trust us by choosing our USB. This is not a low-quality product, only the Sandisk brand pendrive. All electronics are enclosed in a metal housing, which only then goes to wood

In addition, we secure our products with appropriate means so that they last for many years and do not damage. We help nature a little 🙂

The white box is normally used with a white flash drive with a twig made of birch (visible in the last photo)

Each of our flash drives is unique, when buying you can be sure that no one in the world has the same!

There are two types of USB for you to choose from: a branch on the left and a flat USB stick on the right.