In our wooden store you can buy a wooden flash drive with engraving
Wooden pendrive is made in a Wooden Shop with a brand insert from Sandisk, they are original, not Chinese.

Each Sandisk flash drive is made of metal, wood has no contact with electronics and there is no option to remove the insert from wood.

A choice of flat and round USB sticks, thinner carriers are recommended for places that are difficult to access in electronic devices.

Engraving is an additional option that can be made from two sides of a pendrive, on the front and so much wood.

Available in 16gb, 32gb, 64gb and 128gb capacities 3.0

All pendrives have a FAT32 system – in which one file can have a maximum of 4gb (this is due to the limitations of the FAT32 system), but if you need to upload a larger file than 4gb, format the device before saving to NTFS format that accepts files larger than 4gb.

Each pendrive is original, be aware that there are no two identical pieces of wood in the world, the pendrive is processed and preserved with the appropriate length.

Carriers blend in perfectly with wooden boxes, it can be a photo pendrive box or an engraved pendrive box itself, see photos below.

You will find a wooden flash drive in a box in our store.

Pendrive twig with or without a plug.

Flat USB stick with or without a plug.

Flash drive with or without a plug.