If you are passionate about photography, nature and their unusual combinations, it's great that you came across our page.
The Wooden Shop is a place where you can find handmade photo storage boxes and other eco-friendly gadgets for photographers such as: wooden flash drives or the option of developing photos online.

Each of our projects is a combination of our passion and nature.
The products are made by hand from ecological materials.
During production, we always choose the best quality pieces of wood, which allows our customers to enjoy the high quality of the products offered.
In our offer we have the ability to customize all wooden photo storage boxes by applying any chosen engraving and colours.
Thanks to this, your wooden box or flash drive will be unique. If you are a photographer, a photo box with a personal engraving will be the perfect gift from the company to your customers.

Flash drive in the shape of a twig with engraved inscription? No problem. In our offer you will find several types of USB flash drives in wooden cases, on which we can put any inscription imaginable. You will always be able to positively surprise your customers with these additional details. In addition to a large selection of wooden boxes for storing photographs, we also offer delicate cardboard boxes and fabric packaging-among them boxes for both the photos and flash drives.


Show Your friends the great boxes you have found ;)