Why is it worth having them with a wooden box?

We sell most of our wooden boxes as standard, but you can add them when placing your order.

Alright! Just why and when to choose them?

The fittings are creating the mood to the box, and the lock is a protection against accidental opening of the lid of the box, it has a decorative and above all – protective function.

In addition, these metal additions give the whole product style and atmosphere, which refers to ancient cases, and such accents never go out of style.

Together with your photographs, the wooden box creates a time capsule, to which you will gladly come back after years.

How to add fittings?

Just select this option on the product page or in the configurator. We’ll take care of the rest.

We offer one product that has been already decorated with fittings in the basic version – it is a wooden case for a USB stick. When ordering it, it will always come to you shod 🙂 For other products you have to consider whether you want to equip them with these few small things or not. We highly recommend it!