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Photo Cardboard Packaging

Eco-friendly and aesthetic photo packaging – will encourage you to browse your prints – in our store you can buy a cardboard box for prints, which can hold up to 30 pieces. Such packaging is perfect for segregating photographs based on the event during which they were captured, or people seen on them. An inexpensive, but durable and eye-catching cardboard box is the best solution for those who want to save some money and care for the environment.

Multifunctional Photo Cardboard Packaging

The cardboard boxes we offer are adapted to the photo print sizes that you can also order on our website. They can be useful not only for storing wedding photos or outdoor photo sessions, but also as binders for postcards and letters received from our loved ones. We also offer boxes for CDs or DVDs in which you can store undeveloped photos or other content – for example, a compilation of songs.

Assemble and close conveniently

Our photo cardboard packaging has a comfortable and nice heart-shaped latching that prevents the boxes from opening automatically. Purchased products will arrive unassembled – just bend them along the edges – it is really very simple.