Products from our offer, which have the option of engraving, can be customized in our creator. It is a convenient tool where you can adapt the engraver’s design to your needs in a few simple steps, as well as determine the colour of the final product.
The engraver creator is compatible with wooden boxes and flash drives.

Its operation is very easy – let’s look at all its functions and possibilities that you can use when placing an order in the Wooden Shop.

Creator: First steps

You can access the creator from the store’s main page or from the selected product page. When the configurator’s window opens, on its right side there is the “Product configuration” bookmark – after expanding it, you can select a product from the list, and then customize order options, such as flash drive or box filling. In turn, the “Layers” bookmark will allow easier movement between the texts and graphics applied. In the center of the creator there is the product visualization, where you can drag the decorations to any place. There you can also choose the wood colour of the product – these are the painting options, and the number of available colours depends on the product chosen. The configuration includes the front and the back of the product, and if you order a set, you can decorate both a wooden box and a wooden flash drive.

Basic Engraving Options

On the left side of our creator you will find several bookmarks that apply to the visualization of the object’s specific decorations, such as:

Text: here you can choose the text font. When you decide on a typeface, sample text will be displayed on the item’s image where you can type any words after double-clicking. The points in the corners of the text field allow you to enlarge and reduce the inscription, as well as rotate and move it within the image boundaries. Below the “Layers” bookmark on the right side of the creator is now the “Your text” bookmark – there you can format the inscription by choosing bold, italics, underline and justification options. Additionally, you can change the spacing of the rulers, as well as rotate by a certain number of degrees, center the text and accurately determine its dimensions in pixels.

Clipart- small images that we’ve adapted so that they can be used as frames for inscriptions.

Among other things available, wreath designs are perfectly suited for wedding and other festivities. Other designs will work for any occasion, and can also be combined – your imagination will definitely help in creating the perfect design. Options regarding the size and inclination of the clipart can be found in the “Clipart” bookmark, which appears to the right of the creator after selecting one of the images.

Shapes- just like with the help of clipart, you can decorate your photo storage box or flash drive with shapes – geometric figures or symbols. They can become a part of the frame or stand-alone decorations.

Your own engraving- Upload option

With the “Upload” option you can upload your own graphics to the project. This option is useful especially for companies who want to create a flash drive with their logo, as well as for people who would like to customize the product as much as possible by putting their own work on it. Just use the “Add File” option and then select the image file. An undoubted advantage of our creator is the lack of rigorous size restrictions. Recommended file extensions are jpg, png. and svg.

If the graphics are coloured or shaded, the creator will automatically transform them into black and white images. This is a necessary action due to the limited capabilities of the engraver – if the logo or other selected graphic looks not as expected, you can create its black and white version yourself before you upload the image to our creator. The added graphics can be modified in the same way as clipart.

Templates for reuse

Registered customers of the store have the option of saving their project as a template, which they can use for subsequent orders of the same product or leave it for later completion. It is worth having an account in the store, so as not to lose the project in the absence of time to finalize it.

Placing an order

After finalizing the customization of the selected product, you can place your order directly in the creator using the “Buy now” or “Add to cart” option. On the product page, you can also complete your order without using the creator – you’ll find already-made themes that only require entering text in the appropriate place on the form. In the Wooden Shop, we make sure that we provide the customers with all the possible solutions that are useful in creating a customized, fully unique product.

All products that you can engrave can be found in the store.