For your convenience, we have two types of engraving available, light and dark.

The engraving on the box is the element that catches the eye first and often determines its assessment. That is why it is worth stopping for a moment and thinking about how to do it right.

First of all, the project is important, but we will tell you about it later, now let’s focus on the type of burnout, i.e. how to attract attention.

Dark engraving is available on every color version of wooden boxes. It works great on light shades such as white, pine and chestnut.

However, dark colors do not capture him, on the contrary – it gives him character.

The light engraving is only available with the option of choosing a painting color – oak or gray.

On other shades it is hardly visible, which is why we gave up these shades. Despite the fact that there are only two colors to choose from, the range of possibilities is huge. The contrast that is created on the box using bright burn is pleasing to the eye.

Now you just have to think about the final effect that interests you, and then choose the tools that will help you achieve it.

Remember that the shade of burning depends on the wood and the color of painting you choose.

To illustrate the difference and get inspiration
you can look at the following pictures of the boxes.

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Bright engraving

Dark engraving