There are several elements that make up a splendid wooden box.

The type of packaging, the colour of the wood, the engraving on the front and the filling are all important.

On this page you will find information about the types of fillings available in our store.

But what is filling? It is an element that is located in the USB compartment and fulfills two functions – decorative and practical. First of all, it highlights the vibe of the surroundings where the session took place. So, for example, for the photo session taken in the forest, it is worth trying natural moss with a cone. However, for a wedding in a barn, it is worth considering a boho set. Secondly and most importantly – the filling protects our USB stick against mechanical damage, it is a stylish cushion for pendrive.

We always try to relieve you of your duties as much as possible, so we want you to get a product meticulously prepared from start to finish. As a result of this approach, we prepared many types of such fillings for you to choose from.

Natural moss and cone filling

It smells like a forest!

Only available in our shop. It has always been with us, and it will never disappear from our store for sure.

This is your favorite box filling, our bestseller. It gained its fame thanks to the scent of the forest and the elements that in 100% come straight from nature.

It consists of dried moss, twigs of conifers and cones. After opening the box, lush green colour immediately catches the eye, and the air is getting filled with a scent that always accompanies you during forest walks.

Thanks to this filling, you can travel through time and space, right to your favourite forests and meadows.

Wood wool filling

Every minimalist’s favourite.

If moss and pine cones were your frequent choice, then try wood wool.

This is a great alternative that is available in three colour versions: pine, brown and black.

These colours perfectly reflect the colour of our boxes, so you can create a matching set, but if you wish, you can also make the filling contrast with the entire product.

Boho set

A hand-sewn material set consisting of two elements: USB cushion and a delicate under-photo insert. It is made of natural materials to not only decorate the interior, but also to ensure the safety of the flash drive.

Juta set

A material set hand-sewn by us in Poland. Durable and unique. It gives the wooden box an idyllic character. The set consists of two elements: a jute pillow with a USB-holding strap and an insert for the developed photos.