By choosing the filling for our boxes, in addition to moss, you can still choose the fur option. You can choose from two shades, white and dark brown. This is a continuation of the WoodnLove tradition, which has recently become a wooden store.

We buy sheepskins from a tannery located in the south of our country near Zakopane – the region where the production of these skins is the largest. The material we get is of the second category. They are so-called production waste that would probably end up in utilization. It does not mean that they are in a very bad condition, for example, there was just a hole on one meter. It’s not a problem for us, because we usually need a small piece anyway.
We comb the fur and trim it.
We do not order leather in the tannery – we use what they planned to dispose of.

Because it is a natural fur, shades may differ slightly from those in the pictures.