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Wooden Photo Album Box

Damaged family photo albums, with worn edges that reveal many years of usage, are nothing unusual to many families. We present an interesting way to secure albums resting in shelves or, on the contrary, an accessory that encourages you to keep them in a visible area. A Wooden Photo Album Box is made of natural raw material which means durability and a unique decoration.

Wooden Wedding Photo Album Box – highlight your memories!

The purpose of our boxes may vary – they can be useful for storing family albums, holiday albums postcards. It is also perfect as a wedding souvenir. A Wooden Wedding Photo Album Box is also a perfect addition to a wedding gift. Everyone loves memories, so everyone will enjoy this gift

Wooden Photo Album Box with a dedicated engraving

If the Wooden Photo Album Box is to be used to store an already decorated album, it is worth adjusting the engraving on the box so that it matches its cover. You can emphasize the content of the wedding album by drawing rings or flowers. Wooden Photo Album Box with photos from various trips will benefit from the image of a wild animal, emphasizing the atmosphere of an adventure. The engraving on the lid is made using the firing in wood method, thanks to which the drawing looks natural and has a noticeable texture.