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Cardboard packaging for 150 10x15cm developed photos.

Made of ecological cardboard with a weight of 418g / m2.

It stands out among others with a heart-shaped window on the lid of the package. Thanks to this, the photo at the top is visible after closing the box.

This option allows you to unleash your creativity, at the very top, instead of a photo you can place for example a graphic with the words: Thank you!

The product is one-piece, sent for self-assembly, which is very simple – because you just need to bend the creases.

The box was designed and manufactured in Poland.

Remember to bend the lock outwards, then you will hear a characteristic “click” when it is closed.

Thanks to its minimalism, it will be perfect as a base for personal decoration. You can easily write and stamp on cardboard.

This type of packaging is available for photographs with dimensions: 10x15cm and 15x23cm

Eco cardboard box for 10x15cm photos


Previous lowest price was 1,99 .

SKU: OKS10x15
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1,99  with tax

Cardboard box for photos 10x15cm

Made of cardboard 418g / m2, brown in color

It can store 150 developed photos

There is a heart-shaped window on the lid

One-piece product, folding requires only bending the creases

Closed with a cardboard latch

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