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Material packaging for photos

Give your photos the character of a family treasure, enclosing them in unique material packaging! The durable, natural fabric brings to mind the past centuries and makes the photos perfectly preserved for future generations. Packaging for photo prints is a great addition for a cosy and warm family home, where you appreciate the memories and most important moments in life. Decorative strings and ribbons will also allow to group photographs without hiding them. The products are hand sewn, so that each of them is unique in its own way.

Photo wrapping – box accessory

We recommend material packaging for photos as an additional protection for your photos, which you will then place in a wooden box. Dimensions of the wrappers match the wooden boxes with engraving offered by us, which are highly recommended. The photo wrapper allows you to collect your prints in a single stack, which you can easily remove from the box, and the edges of the photo will certainly not be damaged. Made from a single strip of fabric, it leaves the sides open so there’s almost no limit to how many photos you can store. A string or a ribbon sewn into a wrapper allows you to tie them tightly together – a practical material package for prints of your photos. We make sure that the assortment of our store is compatible with the rest of the products, so you can complete fabulous sets designed to store memorable photos.

Material packaging for boho-photos and other interesting products

In addition to traditional ribbon wrappers, we also offer a packaging for boho photos, for example, which is distinguished by a striking white border. The string tying and the natural beige colour add a traditional folk look to the fabric. The wrappings with a wooden button, protected with ecological varnish, also look interesting. In this category you will also find decorative cotton or jute strings with feather-like decorations that will allow you to tie up to 100 prints. Picture packaging is not everything – you can buy here material bags on the pen drive, as well as forest-smelling sets that include a wooden box, padding of jute or boho-style fabric, wooden pen drive and a cushion for its storage. It is the perfect solution for those who would like to store and transport developed and digital photographs in one place.