Usb storage

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Wooden USB Box

Photos are not only of physical nature – they can be stored as files that you can browse on your computer. Storing photos in digital copies is an excellent option for those who want to save space in the apartment. However, the USB flash drive is such a small item that it could get lost – so we recommend a Wooden USB Box in which you can keep all your flash drives bought on our page.

Round or Rectangular USB Box

We offer small, stylish USB Boxes in various shapes and colours. There are models with a sliding or opening lid – for example, a book-shaped box or decorated with a heart. Subtle decorations are enough to add some elegance to the products. You can choose both an empty Wooden USB Box and a set with a USB flash drive – we care about the easiness of shopping in our store.

Thanks to the special fillings, the Wooden USB Box imitates the atmosphere of the forest not only by using natural wood, but also by using a unique moss and cone filling.

Wooden USB Box with engraving

How to make this mundane wooden box unique? Just enrich it with an engraved pattern, which you can choose from our projects or your own design. A user-friendly configurator will guide you through the process of creating a unique box design. The technologies we use allow you to apply very natural decorations on wooden objects – the final product looks minimalistic and at the same time is like a small work of art.