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Product is designed for wrapping photos or boxes.

Made of cotton cord.

There are two feathers attached to it, braided of the same material.

The feathers can move on the cord thanks to the movable loop at their end. Thnaks to this, they can be placed and tied in many ways accordind to your preference.

Remember to brush and stretch feathers after getiing them, because after transport they may lose their forms.

Such a cord is a great way to emphasise a wooden box or prints.


Biel, Czerwień, Granat, Pudrowy Róż, Butelkowa Zieleń

Cotton cord – feathers


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Cotton cord for wrapping phtos 10x15cm 13x18cm as well as 15x23cm.

thanks to its length it is possible to wrap up to 100 developed photos.

Dimentions – length 150cm, feather 9cm x 7 cm