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Cardboard photo envelope 15x23cm.

A minimalist and eco-friendly way to store photos when a small amount of prints need a safe haven.

The envelope is made of durable kraft paper that retains high strength in frequently changing climatic conditions.

The box was designed and manufactured in Poland.

The product is sent for self-assembly, which is very simple – because you just need to bend the creases.

The package can contain a maximum of 30 photos.

Thanks to its minimalism, it will be perfect as a base for personal decoration. You can easily write and stamp on kraft paper.

This type of envelope is available for photographs with dimensions: 10x15cm, 13x19cm, 15x23cm and 20x30cm.

Cardboard photo box for 15x23cm photos


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Cardboard photo envelope 15x23cm

Made of 300g / m2 kraft cardboard

Holds 30 developed photos

Folding requires only bending the creases

Closed with a heart-shaped incision

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