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Forest scented box ­čÖé

Personalized box for 10x15cm prints with a space for USB. Perfect product for the real memory colectors. Thanks to the additional option of fitting it turns into a box full of the most precious treausures – memories.

Wooden box:

  • holds up to 250 prints
  • made by us in Poland from birch wood
  • the effect of the work of human hands from design to wood processing
  • available in 12 colors
  • dyed with natural water-based stains
  • with visible natural grain


  • included in the price
  • made with a precise co2 laser method
  • personalized
  • when designing, you can use the standard patterns available on this product page or go to our configurator, where you can upload your logo / file. The configurator has a huge database of our patterns and vectors.
  • For most colors, the engraving is available in two versions: light and dark.
  • For an additional fee, we can also burn the engraving on the back of the box

Forest filling

  • dried moss, cones and coniferous twigs
  • the smell of the forest ­čÖé
  • the power to evoke memories with the help of a remembered smell
  • optionally at the same price, instead of forest filling, there is an option of wood wool: light, oak and black. Filling for boxes

Box stores prints and USB, which for an additional fee you can add our wooden flash drives.

Wooden flash drive

  • proven and trustworthy Goodram electronics
  • available capacities: 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, 128GB and 256GB
  • interface 3.0
  • combination of the forces of nature and modern technology
  • made of waste twigs or oak and alder wood
  • the effect of the work of human hands
  • protected with water varnish
  • for an additional fee, the possibility of adding a plug and engraving on both sides
  • available in many options: twig, flat twig, resin tip, flat oak, alder. You can find more on the product category page
  • each one is unique, therefore the purchased USB devices may slightly differ from the examples shown in the photos

The most beautiful memories need a unique setting, take care of your history and your customers now.


Wrap photos with a ribbon, a wrap or a jute string – the products can be found in our material packaging tab.


If in you cart are prints and wooden box – automatically 15% discout will be added for your prints.

You are placing an order for the first time and you don’t know what and how yet?

Click on our FAQ tab and see the most frequently asked questions

All the designs in the photos are taken from our configurator.

Wooden box for bigger number of photos 10x15cm + USB space


Shipping time: 1-7 days
Shipping DPD, DHL Express
27,99  with tax

The price includes: a wooden box for photos, an additional USB compartment, a personalized laser engraving on the lid, forest filling, painting.

The box can hold up to 250 developed photos.

The box is made of pine wood in Poland by our carpenters with many years of experience.

We burn the engraving with a durable and detailed co2 laser method.

By ordering this box, you get a 15% discount on displaying photos on our website if they are placed in your basket with the box.

You can use our suggestions or design your own pattern in the CONFIGURATOR tab.

For an additional fee a wooden pendrive can be selected for the box.

Fittings and a lock are an additional cost option.

Internal dimensions of the photo compartment: 17,5 x 13,5 x 6 cm
The outer dimensions of the box: 19,5 x 15,5 x 8 cm

Go to the wizard, upload your own pattern / logo or use ready-made designs.
Painting color: Read more... *

Engraving pattern:

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