In the world of photography, where each picture tells a story and capturing a moment is an art, presenting these memories is equally important.

Fabric boxes are a step towards modern memory storage with respect to nature and the philosophy of our brand. In this product group, delicate materials combine with sturdy oak. The whole is topped with a charming bow, and fittings add elegance. Thanks to these details, the product, when opened like a book, transports us to the world of memories.



Combination of eco-suede, which is soft as fluff, and solid yet warm oak. We use eco-friendly suede that is soft and flexible. It’s an ideal alternative to natural materials, especially appreciated by vegans. The color palette includes 5 saturated colors.


Velvet, because it is a very soft material that one would want to pet continuously. 🙂 The color palette has been carefully selected with an emphasis on pastel and slightly muted colors. Thus, in combination with delicate engraving and solid oak, they form an elegant trio. The available color variants are calm and subtle.


A tribute to nature, harmony, and minimalism. Linen, valued since ancient times for its noble, durable fibers derived from the fruits, stems, and flowers of the flax plant, becomes the ideal material for packaging. This combination of classic aesthetics with modern design resembles an old book, covered in natural material, each page transporting us to another world, just as each photo evokes important moments. On this material, instead of engraving, we perform a delicate UV print. Each box is sold with fittings.


In this collection of boxes, two sizes of oak bodies are available.

S (3.5cm) for up to 80 photographs or M (6cm) for up to 150 photographs.


In this collection, it is also possible to personalize the color of the oak body. There are two shades available: natural oak (wood only sanded) and rustic oak (wood touched with natural stain in dark brown color).


Suede and velvet – these two materials feature precise laser engraving. On suede, the engraving is very detailed and striking, while on velvet, it is delicate and minimalist. Choose your style!


Linen – this is the only material on which UV print is available. It is delicate and penetrates the fabric materials, making it look light and perfectly blending with the style of this packaging.

On colors: natural linen, beige, and gray – dark and light print is available.

On black linen color – only light print is available.


Fittings are a beautiful addition that makes our boxes even more reminiscent of a book 🙂

Suede and velvet – here, fittings are an optional extra that can be chosen depending on taste and needs.

Linen – in this collection of boxes, fittings are always guaranteed, and the choice of type of fittings is up to you. We decided on this because of the delicacy of the material, which is fabric with a mixture of linen. Thanks to this, the boxes will last for years.


Like all our collections, this one also features boxes with a place for USB.

We have decided that in this collection USB will be available only in the version – oak USB stick with a cap.

Dostępny jest w dwóch kolorach, tak samo jak opakowania dostępne są w dwóch kolorach dębu.

It is available in two colors, just like the packaging available in two colors of oak.

This USB, like every one in our store, is handcrafted. Inside, it houses brand-name electronics from Goodram, and the writing speed is 3.0.