We offer a hand-made wooden box for 6×9 inch (15 x 23 cm) photos with a wooden USB 16gb 3.0. The box is made from pine wood with separate compartments for the pen drive and photos. The price of the box includes making any kind of engraving. The pen drive compartment is filled with an ecological filling made from dried moss. The USB was also made from a piece of wood and it perfectly fits into the box. The products are made by hand so they may vary slightly from the pictures on the website.

Wooden box for photos 15x23cm + wooden USB


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Shipping time: 5 days
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35,00  with tax

Wooden box for photos with dimensions of 6×9 inch (15 x 23 cm.) The box can hold up to 150 photos. A 16GB Sandisk wooden USB is included with the box. The price includes putting any engraving on the box.

Przejdź do kreatora, wgraj własny wzór/logo lub skorzystaj z gotowych projektów.

Engraving pattern: