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Wooden box for photo storage and a USB flash drive.
The box is very capacious and has the dimensions of 7.8×7.8 (20x20cm).
The box’s price includes any engraving and 16 GB 3.0 flash drive.
The engraving is placed on top of the box and is made with a very precise laser method that fits perfectly into the box, because it creates a delicate texture with a special burned effect. The product is sold in 6 different colour variations.
It is perfect for storing photographs and a flash drive or as a box for other valuable things.

Wooden box for 20x20cm photo album with a USB flash drive


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Shipping time: 1-7 days
Shipping DPD, DHL Express
43,00  with tax

One of the larger boxes in our offer with dimensions of 7.8×7.8 (20x20cm).
A box made of pine wood, sold without filling. The price of the box includes an engraving and a 16 GB 3.0
flash drive.
The box easily fits both the photo album and a flash drive.

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